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Our suite of ordering systems make procurement of curriculum and services as easy as online shopping! Our simple, intuitive administrative features allow school admins to easily manage all curriculum and vendor ordering.

User Features

  • Straightforward login for teachers or parents
  • Quickly search through vendor and curriculum choices
  • Easily sort by grade level, subject type, and curriculum name for curriculum choices
  • Budget tracking and fund management at-a-glance
  • Flexible order management, you can easily cancel and/or switch curriculum or vendor options
  • Real-time order tracking

Administrative Features

  • Dashboard view of a student's ordering history, inventory, and funds tracking
  • Quick setup and integration with your current Student Information System
  • Easily set up all curriculum and vendor options for teacher and parent selection by grade level and subject
  • Comprehensive vendor management system allows for simplified procurement of services and invoice handling
  • Powerful cost configuration setup allows for per class, per curriculum, and curriculum cost bundling
  • Simple fee attachment feature will add additional charges for any class (ex. lab fees)
  • Robust reporting and online curriculum integration/provisioning
  • Inventory management and reconciliation
  • As little as one-day turnaround for order processing for most curriculum and educational enrichment materials


  • “The Amazon Punchout = LIFE CHANGING!” - Parent
  • “Easy to navigate & simple to use!” - Teacher
  • “I feel confident working with this system and love knowing it allows me to do my job more efficiently and effectively.” - Ordering Specialist
Find out how we can help save you time and money!
Find out how we can help save you time and money!